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iseetigers is a Brighton-based collective of film-makers. We collaborate with creative folk all over the Southeast on projects big and small, from music videos, animation, art collaboration and shorts to features and corporate films. 

Tue Jan 17 19:02:33
Relaxing after a long day at work with the @SLOWCOACHESSUX LP ON VERY LOUD. Feeling human again.
Tue Jan 17 10:58:28
RT @ivanka: @realDonaldTrump @drgoodspine And you're a man with great responsibilities. May I suggest more care on Twitter and more time l…
Tue Jan 17 10:00:48
Looking forward to the #brexit speech ....
Tue Jan 17 07:55:02
@ellie_ford_ Nothing happens by chance, by fate. You create your own fate by your actions. That’s Korma.
Fri Jan 13 12:25:07
@leemannion a beautiful man
Fri Jan 13 07:36:17
@leemannion it's just a bowl of sugar for wankers.